jueves, 21 de octubre de 2010

Healthy & Unhealthy

Hi readers, It' Maia with a new important topic to discuss. Healthy & Unhealthy.
Ok, let's start with healthy. I consider myself
a girl who loves fast food, that's the truth, we can't eat vegeatbles all the time.But we can eat at least a little salad.
Luckily, lot of mothers cook them for lunch.
Ok, let's talk about me, I am SO thin, but I eat lot of fast food, and sometimes, salad. I hate vegetables, I eat them only on hamburgers. I can't stop eating f-food, but that no means that you must eat them too. There'r persons who are so weight, and have to eat vegetables. What can you do? Make an H-H recipe(healthy, unhealthy) For example: Apple with chocolate. That can help you a bit. I know it's funny to say, but it's no dangerous at all.
About my unhealthy.I must eat everything that have fats and oils, I love chocolates, candies, bubble gums , ice creams, like you! Can you tell me about a person can't eat f-food? Let me say it, NO!
An advice: If you can't stop, look for help. A doctor can help you :D

I hope you like my new entry.
What about my new topic to discuss? You'r going to know it tomorrow!


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  1. Well, Maia, I can tell you that after a quite long time you get sick from fast food. When I was a little child I used to love fast food (I didn't eat fruit or vegetables at all, never) sweets and more. But now, I'm sick of McDonald's hamburguers, I don't like chocolate so much such I used to love it, I'm starting to eat salads almost every day. I mean, I didn't start eating healthy because I had to, I did it because soon or late you get sick of f-food. Believe me.
    See you later, Maia!