jueves, 21 de octubre de 2010

Should people kill animal for food?

A lot of people love all meals that are made with meat. They eat hot dogs,hamburgers,roast,bacon and a lot of meals. But they really don't know what are they eating. Every time, when they eat something made with meat, they'r really eating a part of an animal. I'm one of the persons who eat meat, but we have to think of those poor animals, which have to live the life. I know it's hard and awful to understand. But we can stop with this problem. Let's start with a small sacrifice, who wants to participe, GREAT.(read at final to know what can you help with). We can't stop eating meat 'cuz it gives us energy, and we need it so much. I found a percentage about the animals who die for year, and this is the result; %10.569! An evil work! If persons doesn't take care of their own human animals....
We can take care of them!!

•20th of March : A national day..."A day without eating meat"
• Stop eating meat at least for 3 days, and who can resist more days, better!
•Teaching another about what important are animals

These are some little sacrifice you can do.

This is the first topic to discuss in the blog.Write an entry like these one,show people what you can do!
I did this blog to share my opinions and let another share their own :)


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  1. Well, you write in english, I'll write in english.

    I totally agree. Actually, I think meat is not necessary for our body at all. Begans and vegetarians, for example, live eating vegetables, corn, pasta, etc. There's a lot of food that could replace the energy, the vitamins and the proteins that meat give to us. I hate people that say that killing animals is part of our food chain. That it'ts so wrong! If it was part of our food chain we'd can kill the animals with our own hands, but we just can't! We need big machines. And I think that's not part of nature.
    But, at the same time, think about people stop eating meat is something quite ingenuous. I mean, not everybody is going to be agree with you and what's more, monster-meat companies are going to keep producing meat from cows and chickens. We just can't stop them. Let's say you and me stop eating meat, meat companies are going to keep killing animals for selling. We didn't make much difference, but at least our consciousness is clean, right?

    Good entry!
    Love you :D