domingo, 6 de febrero de 2011

Hey you!!!!! I didn't write here for so long! I missed writing here everyday!
Ok, I'm having a family day, we're enjoying a great meal together.
The response of why we are meeting today is that we are celebrating my cousin Martina's bday!
She's 2 years younger than me. She's 11 and I can't believe it!!
It's a perfect day to celebrate, it's hot and sunny, and me and my family are in my uncle's house. They have a pool. And of course, inside the house there are conditioner airs! WE ARE ALL SHOUTING HERE, THIS IS MADNESS!
I've been here for a week. It was so much fun. REMEMBER THAT THEY HAVE A GREAT HOUSE. We went to bed at 6:oo am, and woke up at 2:30 pm, just 'cuz their babysitting told us it was time to have lunch. If we were alone, we could wake up at 5, 5:30. I think it's right. WE ARE IN HOLIDAYS! what's the matter with going to bed late? THERE'S NO MATTER!!

Ok, the swimming pool is calling me. See ya!!! :D

jueves, 21 de octubre de 2010

Healthy & Unhealthy

Hi readers, It' Maia with a new important topic to discuss. Healthy & Unhealthy.
Ok, let's start with healthy. I consider myself
a girl who loves fast food, that's the truth, we can't eat vegeatbles all the time.But we can eat at least a little salad.
Luckily, lot of mothers cook them for lunch.
Ok, let's talk about me, I am SO thin, but I eat lot of fast food, and sometimes, salad. I hate vegetables, I eat them only on hamburgers. I can't stop eating f-food, but that no means that you must eat them too. There'r persons who are so weight, and have to eat vegetables. What can you do? Make an H-H recipe(healthy, unhealthy) For example: Apple with chocolate. That can help you a bit. I know it's funny to say, but it's no dangerous at all.
About my unhealthy.I must eat everything that have fats and oils, I love chocolates, candies, bubble gums , ice creams, like you! Can you tell me about a person can't eat f-food? Let me say it, NO!
An advice: If you can't stop, look for help. A doctor can help you :D

I hope you like my new entry.
What about my new topic to discuss? You'r going to know it tomorrow!


Should people kill animal for food?

A lot of people love all meals that are made with meat. They eat hot dogs,hamburgers,roast,bacon and a lot of meals. But they really don't know what are they eating. Every time, when they eat something made with meat, they'r really eating a part of an animal. I'm one of the persons who eat meat, but we have to think of those poor animals, which have to live the life. I know it's hard and awful to understand. But we can stop with this problem. Let's start with a small sacrifice, who wants to participe, GREAT.(read at final to know what can you help with). We can't stop eating meat 'cuz it gives us energy, and we need it so much. I found a percentage about the animals who die for year, and this is the result; %10.569! An evil work! If persons doesn't take care of their own human animals....
We can take care of them!!

•20th of March : A national day..."A day without eating meat"
• Stop eating meat at least for 3 days, and who can resist more days, better!
•Teaching another about what important are animals

These are some little sacrifice you can do.

This is the first topic to discuss in the blog.Write an entry like these one,show people what you can do!
I did this blog to share my opinions and let another share their own :)



Hi everyone, it's Maia again. I was thinking the blog has to change, Now I decieded to do a "TOPIC" blog. That means I'm going to write here some entries about what I like, what I hate and a lot of things. I'm going to give my opinions, and my advices. I'll try to do a long chain. The idea is that if you like, you can write an entry like mine, and you can put your opinion. I think it's a great idea.
I hope you like my idea and my new topic blog.